Room Athena

Suite "Athena" includes bedroom, living room, fireplace, fully equipped kitchen to prepare your breakfast, tv with dvd, bathroom, heating, telephone , safe, hairdryer.

Suite "Athena" is distinguished by its noble warmth.With view to the entire Gulf of Thermaikos on one side and to mount Olympus on the other side, you will be surprised by the wisdom of nature.

"Athena in Greek mythology was the goddess of wisdom, strategy and war.

Athena was the favorite daughter of Zeus.Her Mother was Mitis, first wife of Zeus. Zeus, fearing that Mitis would give birth to a son stronger than himself, swallowed her. Later, Zeus began to suffer from headaches and called Hephaestus to help. Then Hephaestus hit Zeus on the head with a large hammer and Athena was thrown out of it wearing helmet and holding a shield. Looking at Zeus,she threw her armor at his feet,recognizing him as the supreme god. Symbolized by an owl,she has a shield from goat skin, called Aegis, which was given to her by her father and is accompanied by the goddess Niki(victory). Athena often helped heroes.She is armed,never shown as a child,always a virgin. Parthenon in Athens is the most famous temple dedicated to her.She never had a lover, although once Hephaestus tried and failed."