Room Danae

The suite "Danae" includes bedroom, living room, fireplace, Jacuzzi opposite the fireplace with magnificent sea view, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen to prepare your breakfast, tv with dvd, heating, telephone, safe, hairdryer.

Suite "Danae" is dressed in purple colours.It emits passion and desire! Endless magnificent view to the gulf of Thermaikos and the mount Olympus. The moments you'll live in suite "Danae" will be unforgettable...

"According to the myth Danae was the daughter of king of argos,Akrisios and mother of Perseas the hero. King Akrisios had received an oracle warning him that one day his grandson would kill him. So he decided to lock her up in a prison.But later Zeus fell in love with her,who was transformed into golden rain and managed to enter her prison. From their union, Perseas was born.

When Akrisios learned about his grandson's birth, he put Danae and young Perseas in a trunk and threw it in the sea. The trunk was washed out in the island of Serifos,where a fisherman called Diktis found it and took it to his brother, king Polydektis, thus saving the lives of mother and son."