Room Thalia

The suite "Thalia" includes bedroom, living room, fireplace, Jacuzzi next to the bed, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen to prepare your breakfast, tv with dvd, heating, telephone, safe, hairdryer.

Romantic and fairy-like "Thalia" will take you back in time and make you leading actors in her kingdom. Fantastic view to Mount Olympus.

"In greek mythology "Thalia" was one of the nine muses and daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne. She is considered to be closest to Terpsichore. She was the guardian godess of decent cheerfulness. She was represented only by her symbols: invisible in feasts as the inspirer of cheerful songs,in which she emphasised mainly in the witty element, helped by the pleasured fellow-diners. Being the godess of "happy mood" she used to leave when the noisy revel was starting.

Muse Thalia had also under her protection the pastoral poetry, namely today's folk songs,and later the comedy. That's why she was often represented with ivy wreath on her head, holding a theater mask in her right hand and a common rod in her left, with light clothing and sometimes a hairy gown (which items are exactly the current symbols of folk music). Her name means spring up, bloom, prosper."