Room Kleio

The suite "kleio" includes bedroom, living room, fireplace, Jacuzzi next to the bed, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen to prepare your breakfast, tv with dvd, heating, telephone, safe, hairdryer.

The suite "Kleio" is a priceless work of art! Noble warmth of another era... Magnificent view to the sea and Mount Olympus.

"In Greek mythology, Kleio was the Muse of epic poetry and history. She was the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne. Her name means narrating or making something known. She was represented with a roll of parchment or a group of tiles and a laurel crown. She had a son with Pieros,named Iakinthos. Her passion with Pieros was Aphrodite's punishment when Kleio dared to mock her about her affair with Adonis."