Platamon Castle

The bastion

The place, which today is occupied by the castle, was used by the city of Herakleion in pre-Christian times. Not only on the top of the castle hill, but also at the foot of the hill, were settlements that were assigned to this ancient city. Around 360 BC Skylax of Karyandar described the place as "the first Macedonian city behind the river Pinios".

The castle of Platamon.
The Castle

A footpath leads from the parking lot to the gate of the castle. It is open every day between 08:30 and 15:00. What we call Platamon today included the city of Platamon and the actual castle. The extensive area is designed as a polygon and had irregular towers at irregular intervals. At the foot of the hill, to the left and right of the land, which extends into the sea, are two smaller towers.

The Platamon Castle, an important part of the history of Pieria, is a Crusader castle (built between 1204 and 1222) in northern Greece and is located southeast of Mount Olympus, in a strategic position which controls the exit of the Tempe valley, through which passes the main road connecting Macedonia with Thessaly and southern Greece. The tower (donjon), which overlooks the highway, is an imposing medieval fortress.

Το Κάστρο του Πλαταμώνα, είναι κάστρο της Φραγκοκρατίας, χτισμένο στη θέση οχυρωμένης πόλης της Μεσοβυζαντινής περιόδου, νοτιανατολικά του Ολύμπου, σε μικρή απόσταση από τη σημερινή κωμόπολη του Πλαταμώνα, σε θέση στρατηγική που ελέγχει τον δρόμο Μακεδονίας - Θεσσαλίας - Νότιας Ελλάδας. Είναι το καλύτερα διατηρημένο κάστρο της βόρειας-κεντρικής Ελλάδας, με τον επιβλητικό κεντρικό πύργο του, που δεσπόζει πάνω στην Εθνική Οδό.

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